The Challenge of growing your business 

One of the biggest challenges for any new product or innovation is actually to create enough traction on the market to become viable. Many product innovations fail not because the product was bad but because the product did not create enough traction on the market. Thinking about the distribution of your product or innovation is as important as building the product itself.

The type of support and services we offer is tailored to different growth stages of a company or startup. We can work with very early startup of incubator and accelerators as well as startups that are in an aggressive growth phase.  With our knowledge of the MENA region and our vast network of contacts, we can also help define go-to-market strategies and facilitate market entry for more mature companies.


Go-to-market Strategy, Marketing-as-a-Service

The services we offer can combine one or more the following tasks and objectives :

  • Validating initial market interest through surveys and customer interviews
  • Performing A/B testing on landing pages or Application store
  • Probing and validating multiple online and offline channels
  • Measuring customer acquisition costs
  • Defining and running ad campaigns
  • Content creation and content curation
  • go-to-market strategy

Market Entry and Sales-as-a-Service

We can also offer sales and marketing as-a-service and become you local agent in the region in order to secure you products and innovation provide you the wanted growth.

  • Market entry strategy
  • Running demos, trials and participating in exhibitions
  • Lead Generation
  • Lead Conversion
  • Facilitating local setup of your business
  • Getting your first customers