Portfolio and program offerings

Innovation and Culture

A systematic approach to innovation leads to better results and better return from your innovation investments. In order to take that approach we will help you build-up the right skills and competences, help you identity the right places in the organisation where to start your innovation journey and make sure your processes and strategy is aligned with your innovation objectives. We help companies defining change programs that include both internal and external innovation objectives. We will identify the right tools and platforms to drive that change. We have experience in running ideation workshops, ideation competitions, hackathons and complex change management programs.

Ideation and Concept Development Bootcamp

We will guide you from insights, to idea, to a solid concept. We will use methods and tools to quickly develop a minimal viable product. Documented using value proposition canvas, business model canvas or lean canvas.

Ideation Competitions and Platform implementation

We can help in the process of setting up initiatives that will foster internal innovation. From the selection of ideation and collaboration platforms, to the training key staff and the execution of challenge based campaigns, we can help you from end-to-end. From running workshops for idea generation, to implementing platforms that will allow  collaboration and management of strong innovation funnel, we will help you all the way.

Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

This is a 3 day program aimed at startup teams and entrepreneurs that want to raise their awareness levels on what it takes to start their entrepreneurial journey and set them on the right rails.

The bootcamp revisits elements like the value proposition design and the initial business model, but helps also in understanding the capabilities, strengths and weaknesses of the team. We help put in place an action plan to fill gaps and prepare execution. Good team dynamics are an essential element in the success of all early stage startups, so we spend time in understanding the team strengths and weakness. In the Bootcamp we also provide the tools and methods necessary to perform your customer discovery, validate insights and sell your concept in the earliest possible stages. We touch on concepts like design thinking, lean and agile for the execution part. We will provide highlights on different ways to setup your business, more details on these parts will be provided in the entrepreneurship program.

Startup and team build-up

Success is all about you and your team’s ability to execute. We will guide you through the process of setting up a strong team and can help you find the right co-founders and core team members.

Design & Development

Because you might not always have the right skills in-house to innovate, we will help you finding the right partners to perform the development for you, gaining both time and savings along the way. Our in-house expertise in design helps us secure the development requires are clear. We will secure that development providers are selected based on their skills in lean and agile methodologies.

Providing an outstanding design and a flawless customer experience is essential in a world where peer reviews and social promotion can make or break your business. We will get the right professionals to develop your landing page, your product, your mobile apps. Based on your preferred collaboration model we can recommend companies that offer fixed fees, or are willing to work for equity. We are ourselves involved in the design and requirements drafting, help you to define and refine your Minimum Viable Product.

Sales and Marketing

Whether it is for internal or external innovation, the most important thing to secure investments is to demonstrate customer traction. We will guide you from mapping the initial customer journey, to identifying the right offerings, price plans and go-to-market strategy. It is all about planning and execution.  We will run role playing and sales simulations to secure you are well prepared. We will also help you increase conversion rates from your digital marketing efforts. If needed we will even join you in customer meetings. We companies that achieved initial local traction, we can also help them with establishing and growing their business in the MENA region.

Small Business Analysis

Our mandate is to deliver a gold standard of work, playing a key role in advising people with their business.