Founding Team

Christophe Pinot

Co-Founder & Operating Partner

Christophe is a Business consultant with over 20 years of experience and tracking records in implementing and delivering performance and supply chain business solutions in competitive environments.  With a unique background encompassing strong academic training, entrepreneurial skills and practical business experience, Christophe has consistent track records which spans across several industries including agribusiness, wholesale, retail, information technology services and management consulting. His assignments allowed him to gain professional and live experiences in several countries in Europe, Middle East and Africa.  He is experienced in implementing new real time systems and technology, processes and procedures in medium-large private and government organizations

Jean-Luc Scherer

Founder & CEO

Digital Expert in the Mobile Industry, Jean-Luc’s expertise ranges from Business Modelling to Mobile Application Development, Digital Sales and Marketing & Internet of Things. Over the years, Jean-Luc has held various roles at Ericsson, advising on digital transformation and facilitating the adoption of new ICT technologies like IoT, Cloud and Bigdata. Jean-Luc is a trained Innovation coach and an active member of the local Startup community. He mentors at Flat6Labs, Turn8 and In5. He is regularly part of hackathon juries and mentors a number of startups in and outside of the UAE. Jean-Luc is also an author of numerous articles in “Innovation and Tech” Magazine and was also featured in “Startup Bahrain” online magazine.

Strategic Partners

Tarek Belghith, Digital Transformation

CEO, RZ Consulting

Innovator & Integrator in technology transformation and digital services. Over a decade of expertise in telco product & solutions, business development, marketing & strategy, enterprise & innovation. Covered markets include Europe, Middle East and Africa.
In the transforming market of today, Tarek is part of a team of experts that are creating the digital ecosystem for transforming SMEs across industries, to build innovative capabilities for the benefits of new professionals and experienced ones, embrace new market demands and secure a decent place in the competitive changing ecosystem of the coming period.
RZ Consulting positions itself accros this transformative value chain to assist SMEs during this journey, and make sure they become a good digital corporates in tomorrow’s market.

Roger Hage, Business Growth

President & Founder, Regnmaker

International Sales Growth Consultant, innovation catalyst,Telecom/VoIP/UC&C enthusiast, evangelist, influencer, keynote speaker, trainer and lecturer. Speaks English, German, French, Spanish, Arabic.  Focusing on exporting Technology (IT/HW/SW, Telecom, Electrical equipment & systems) for Environmental/Renewable Energy, Utilities, eGovernment and Smart City solutions to SOUQ countries (Saudi Arabia, Oman, UAE, Qatar). Successfully designed and implemented strategies to develop new markets and value offerings, hence growing the business under different market conditions. Experience of full business cycles, fast growth as well as downturns.

Innovation and Culture

A systematic approach to innovation leads to better results and better return from your innovation investments. In order to take that approach we will help you build-up the right skills and competences, help you identity the right places in the organisation where to start your innovation journey and make sure your processes and strategy is aligned with your innovation objectives. We help companies defining change programs that include both internal and external innovation objectives. We will identify the right tools and platforms to drive that change. We have experience in running ideation workshops, ideation competitions, hackathons and complex change management programs.

Design & Development

Because you might not always have the right skills in-house to innovate, we will help you finding the right partners to perform the development for you, gaining both time and savings along the way. Our in-house expertise in design helps us secure the development requires are clear. We will secure that development providers are selected based on their skills in lean and agile methodologies.

Providing an outstanding design and a flawless customer experience is essential in a world where peer reviews and social promotion can make or break your business. We will get the right professionals to develop your landing page, your product, your mobile apps. Based on your preferred collaboration model we can recommend companies that offer fixed fees, or are willing to work for equity. We are ourselves involved in the design and requirements drafting, help you to define and refine your Minimum Viable Product.

Sales and Marketing

Whether it is for internal or external innovation, the most important thing to secure investments is to demonstrate customer traction. We will guide you from mapping the initial customer journey, to identifying the right offerings, price plans and go-to-market strategy. It is all about planning and execution.  We will run role playing and sales simulations to secure you are well prepared. We will also help you increase conversion rates from your digital marketing efforts. If needed we will even join you in customer meetings. We companies that achieved initial local traction, we can also help them with establishing and growing their business in the MENA region.